TimTechChem International Limited is an Australasian company formed to market and supply quality wood preservatives, fire retardants, patented technology, treatment plants and world class technical services to the timber protection industry.

TimTechChem commenced trading on 21 August 2013 when it purchased TimTech Chemicals Ltd. TimTech was launched in 2001 in New Zealand and a year later in Australia and is a major player in these markets.

Australasia’s leading specialty chemicals company, Azelis New Zealand Limited, is the owner of TimTechChem. Azelis toll manufactures most of the chemicals sold by TimTechChem. Azelis New Zealand Limited is 100% owned by the global Azelis group.

TimTechChem has strategic alliances with BASF Wolman GmbH, a part of the €58 billion German BASF Chemical Group, Janssen PMP, Belgium – part of the Johnson and Johnson Group and also the University of Göttingen . These alliances give TimTechChem the exclusive rights to market new generation, innovative products and processes in Australasia.

TimTechChem International supply wood protection products, plant and equipment and technical services to many of the leading timber companies in Australasia and Pacific Islands.